Drinking Across America TV Pilot

After several years of taking pictures, writing posts, shooting/editing/posting videos my show has been picked up by CTV Beam East Alabama which means that I will be shooting the pilot episode this week. This is going to give my show a more professional look and feel from the camera work to the editing and production and will allow me to bring my dream to life the way I envision it.

What this means to all my current and future followers is that my show will soon be available for viewing on CTV Beam channel 7, the CTV Beam YouTube channel, and on my Drinking Across America YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. So this allows more people to have access to my show while being able to view it on several platforms..TV, mobile, tablets, etc.

We are going to be filming the pilot episode at Omaha Brewing Company down in Omaha, GA..about 45 minutes south of Columbus, GA. Their motto is “Small Town, Big Beers” and they most certainly are, as I’ve been to the brewery several times in the past and know the owner Robert Lee. They most certainly do have some BIG flavorful beers brewing down in that small southern town.

Stay tuned for more information as to when the show will be airing and on my future episodes buy liking and following my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

And if anyone is interested I’ve got tshirts for sale for $20 each. Check out the designs below. Both men’s and women’s available in all sizes


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Craft Beer lover, traveler, entertainer, and all around lover of life

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