St. Paddy’s Day Shenanigans

Hello all my friends, fans, family, and followers the world over!!! It’s been awhile since I last posted a blog here for you to entertain yourself with and I apologize and I’ll do better of keeping you up to date with ALL things me THE Ron Antinore.

As everyone should know yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and yours truly spent the day in the ATL for the most kickass show of the day, The St. Paddy’s Day Sextravaganza Show last night at The Masquerade featuring Little Miss Nasty Burlesque, Orgy, Genitorturers, and The Lords of Acid!!! To say this show was AWESOME is an understatement!!! I’ve been going to Genitorturers shows for over 20 years, yes I did just date myself lol, and it’s always a treat to see Gen and the guys kick ass on stage and this time was no different. I started going to their shows back in ’95 when I was working at Backstreet Atlanta which at the time was the largest nightclub in the ATL..3 stories, open 24/7, and just one Helluva party whether you were working or playing (and in my case doing both at the same time). I got turned onto them by a friend and co-worker of mine Johnny, who also at the time was a performer with the band, and I later learned that another co-worker of mine was also a performer with them, her name was Sharon and she was a bartender at Backstreet Atlanta. I’ve got some more stories to share about some of the shows back then that you’ll just have to wait to hear.

The other band I was really looking forward to seeing again was The Lords of Acid, who like Genitorturers I’ve been following since the mid 90’s. I was actually blessed enough to have been in attendance for the Lords first ever appearance in the States!! It was actually at the original Masquerade on North Ave. in Atlanta at an all night Rave party, and there’s a great story to go along with that show as well that I’ll be talking about in a future blog and in more detail in my upcoming book.

This Sextravaganza Show was totally of the chain from the very beginning. I got to the venue around 6:30 and just in time to catch Little Miss Nasty taking the stage for their first of 2 sets that evening. It was a very high energy dance show put on by some of the sexiest women performing burlesque nowadays. The show lasted between 30-45 minutes and just flew by as they danced their asses off to some of the best rock and metal music out there.

Next up was Genitorturers and of course they didn’t disappoint with their usual BD/SM themed show and performance. Gen came out sporting a Necronomicon dress and blew the audience away with her vocals and heavy guitar laden riffs..not to mention the usual suspects of performers. The set lasted about an hour and definitely had the audience into it.

The Necronomicon Dress

Next up was Orgy who really put on a high energy show packed with great guitar riffs, bass, and drums all highlighted by Jay Gordon’s vocals definitely rocked the house out!!! The highlight of the show, at least in my eyes, was when Gordon left the stage and came out into the audience during the finale, their hit song Blue Monday, and actually ended up next to me.

Jay Gordon in the crowd during “Blue Monday”

Of course they had to save the BEST for last, which of course where The Lords of Acid!!! Even after all these years, and apparent member changes, sadly Jade 4U was not the lead singer of this version of The Lords, but I have to give it to Marieke Bresseleers for doing an outstanding job replacing Jade 4U on vocals, as she definitely knows how to work a crowd, and much like Jade 4U is VERY easy on the eyes and a definite sexpot. Of course they did all of their famous hits..Rough Sex, Show Me Your Pussy, Let’s Get High and Have Fun, Out Comes the Evil, and more!!!

Marieke Bresseleers
Girls from the audience for “Show Me Your Pussy”

All and all a very entertaining show that I’m definitely glad to have seen in person as all of the bands and performers involved gave it their all, even though all of the bands have been together for 20-30+ years. There are only a few more dates left on this tour so if you see it coming to a city near you..GO!!!!!

The end of the show

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