My next bookings

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and RATS the world over!!! I, Ron Ratcatcher, announce to you my adoring public my next 2 appearances. If you live anywhere in West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas you’re gonna wanna make the trip to see these events!!!

The first will be in 2 weeks on Saturday, February 2nd in Covington, TN for USA Championship Wrestling at the Covington High Gymnasium as I, Ron Ratcatcher, accompany the LVR BOY Matt Riviera to the ring as he gets ready to do battle with his longtime nemesis Big Gravy. Be sure to get there early as I hear that Big Gravy has challenged The Ratcatcher to a dance off..winner to be decided by the audience. And I am positive that the crowd will vote me the winner as I get ready to “bust a move” the likes of which these West Tennessee rednecks haven’t seen since “Saturday Night Fever”!!!

The second appearance will be in Jackson, TN on Saturday night, February 16th at the historical Oman Arena, also for USA Championship Wrestling, as my man LVR BOY Matt Riviera takes on Memphis wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler in the most dangerous match to hit West Tennessee in decades… THE THUNDERDOME CAGE!!!!! 30 ft. of hardened steel cage with no escape for it’s participants except pinfall or submission. And LVR BOY Matt Riviera WILL take the torch, and The King’s cherished crown, from Jerry Lawler that evening…Whether he likes it or not!!! So, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to purchase your tickets now before they sell out!!! As this is sure to be THE BIGGEST show to come to Tennessee in decades!!!


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Craft Beer lover, traveler, entertainer, and all around lover of life

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