One week down…

As we wind down the first week of the new year I have to ask myself, “if this week is any indication, is there anyway this year CAN’T be a success??”

First off, I rang out 2018 at the same place I rang it in, at Wild Leap Brewing in LaGrange, GA for their New Years Eve bash..which included All You Can Drink beer from their selection of 15+ beers, several of which were “one off’s” only available that night, a DJ spinning your favorite dance tunes, and food trucks in the courtyard allowing us to fill our bellies with food along with great beer!! Needless to say I arrived shortly after 8pm and enjoyed my fair share of the selection of beers available. I remember trying a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stout, an Orange Creamsicle, a blackberry(??) or blueberry (??) beer, among a few can find the full list and descriptions under Drinking Across America, so be sure to check it out while you’re here.

That was the beginning of my week and New Year, and I took it out with just as big a bang as Ron Ratcatcher made another appearance in USA Championship Wrestling in the corner of the one and only LVR BOY Matt Riviera, as he faced “Kid Wrestling” in a match at the historic Oman Arena, formally the Jackson Coliseum in Jackson, TN on Saturday, January 5, 2019. That night’s match was pretty uneventful as LVR BOY easily manhandled the overly matched youngster, pinning him easily. What happened later that night during the Main Event between 2 legends of Southern Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Tommy “Wildfire” Rich as they continued their decades long feud, setup the aftermath which will cumulate in the Thunderdome Cage Match on Saturday night, February 16, 2019 at The Oman Arena between LVR BOY Matt Riviera w/ Ron Ratcatcher vs Jerry “The King” Lawler. During the Rich vs Lawler match, the referee got himself knocked unconscious, so, doing the only thing he thought of as fair, Matt Riviera donned a referee shirt, he IS a licensed referee mind you, and rushed out the ring to make a 3 count, thus ending the match and raising the hand of “Wildfire” in victory. Of course, everyone knows that Lawler is a poor sport, so the very next day at the TV studios in the basement of The Oman Arena, Jerry Lawler decides to come rushing out of the back dressing room not only interrupting the interview time of Mr. Riviera, but he proceeds to not only attack Mr. Riviera, but he also laid his hands on one Ron Ratcatcher knocking him to the ground before continuing his assault on Mr. Riviera until both locker rooms clear out separating the 2, thus setting up The Thunderdome match in February!!

So, to wrap things up for this week, I have to say that the first week of the year started out pretty damn good and if things continue this way, 2019 is going to shape up to be one Helluva year!!! Stay tuned as next weeks blog will include my appearance at The Masquerade in Atlanta for Shaggy 2 Dope’s solo tour!! Until next time…WHOOP WHOOP!!!!


Published by The Ron Antinore

Craft Beer lover, traveler, entertainer, and all around lover of life

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