New Year = New Opportunities

Until next time….

As I get ready to enter the new year just as everyone else is, I’m reflecting on all of the new opportunities that I am bringing forth unto myself. Instead of continuing to just sit back and dream about what I want in life and what I look to accomplish in the near future, I realized one takes money to make money. By that, I mean you have to invest in yourself and actually take action instead of just “sitting on the sidelines” thinking success will just fall into your lap, that rarely if ever has happened. I have had “the dream” of building my personal brand for years but never really knew how to get started. I finally decided to “invest in myself” and have purchased several courses on how to build my brand and become a “key person of influence”, and am actually starting to slowly implement some of the ideas put forth in those courses..building my website, starting a blog, and more. You happen to be here on the ground floor of this adventure so all I can say is strap in and get ready for the ride of my/your life.


Published by The Ron Antinore

Craft Beer lover, traveler, entertainer, and all around lover of life

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